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Menu 7/26/2021-7/30/2021 Monday   Breakfast-  Pancakes, strawberries & milk/water. Lunch-    Hot dogs, baked beans, tater tots, sliced bread & milk/water. Snack-   Cheese-its, applesauce & water. Tuesday  Breakfast-  Cinnamon rice, fruit cocktail & Milk/Water. Lunch-  Meatballs, green beans, mashed potatoes, sliced bread & Milk/Water. Snack-   Pretzels, string cheese & Water. Wednesday Breakfast-   Cheese toast, applesauce & Milk/ Water. Lunch-  Chicken patty, peas, baked beans

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Month of : January Bible Verse: “You are loved beyond measure.” Romans 8:38-39 0-9  months Activity: Daily Talk Learning Objective: Shows and improves security, listening and understanding 9-13 months Activity 1: Crawling and chasing Learning objective: improves gross motor skills and relationships Activity 2: Lil drummer baby Learning objective: Improves coordination and movement while focusing on sounds 10-17 months Activity 1: fingers and toes

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